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Behavioral Core Facility


The goals of this core are to enhance the neuroscience-related projects currently being undertaken by PSM investigators and to stimulate further neuroscience research through enhanced scientific interactions between basic scientists at PSM. In addition, this neuroscience core facility will also serve as a tool for attracting strong new recruits.




  • Coulbourn Instruments HABITEST modular behavioral test system ( Animal activity monitoring system )

    "HABITEST is designed to make it possible to implement most behavioral test protocols in a single system of modular test arenas using modular stimulus and response devices. HABITEST applications span the behavioral gamut, including mazes and runways, operant conditioning, spatial activity, ergometry, active and passive avoidance, fear conditioning, place preference, feeding and drinking and many more.
    With HABITEST you can create an endless variety of test environments - from simple mazes to complex, multi-compartment feeding and drinking, operant, and live/work environments."

  • Hot plate analgesia meter ( Algometer )

  • Kopf 2006 sterotaxic ( Stereotaxic device )

  • SD Instruments rotor-rod ( Animal activity monitoring system )

    "ROTOR-ROD™ is the only rotarod test on the market that uses the natural fear of falling motivation to measure and record motor coordination in both rats and mice. Choose from three different models, which all include four animal lanes. Use the full-size rotor rod apparatus to measure rats, the bench top model to measure mice or a combination unit for rats and mice."

  • SD Instruments Zero maze ( Animal activity monitoring system )

    "Ideal for use with your video tracking system including SDI's ANY-maze. The SDI zero maze provides an anxiety test similar to the elevated plus maze. One advantage to the zero maze is that there is no central point so the animal is always in a closed arm or open arm. The SDI zero maze is available in rat and mouse sizes. It is made of durable, high density, non porous plastic perfect for easy cleaning and transport."

  • VetEquip inhalation anesthesia system ( Anesthesia machine )



  • ANY-maze software ( Software )

  • CleverSys FreezeScan software ( Software )

    "FreezeScan on the other hand is a video]based tool that provides precise motion control for accurate freezing detection. FreezeScan accepts video taken from any angle, in a confined chamber. It precisely detects the onset and completion of a freezing behavior of a rodent. It outputs as a sequential list, the occurrences of the freezing behaviors. Further statistics can be analyzed from this output data.
    FreezeScan has achieved great accuracy and has been successful in many academic and industry research labs for many types of research projects, including Fear Extinction.
    FreezeScan not only detects freezing behavior accurately, but also provides a measurement of the animalfs instantaneous activity level during the experiment, in both quantitative and graphical form, making it possible to recognize startle response"

  • EndNote ( Software )

  • EthoVision XT software ( Software )

    "EthoVision XT is the most widely applied video tracking software that tracks and analyses the behavior, movement, and activity of any animal. Without the use of sensors! It is a platform you can use for anything from straight-forward tracking to sophisticated protocols that control external devices. "

  • STATISTICA ( Software )

    "The STATISTICA line of software provides a comprehensive and integrated set of tools and solutions for:
    * Data analysis and reporting, data mining and predictive modeling, business intelligence, simple and multivariate QC, process monitoring, analytic optimization, simulation, and for applying a large number of statistical and other analytic techniques to address routine and advanced data analysis needs
    * Data visualization, graphical data analysis, visual data mining, visual querying, and simple and advanced scientific and business graphing
    * Simple and advanced desktop analyses and computing for business, engineering, research institutions, universities, laboratories, and for applications ranging from CRM and predictive modeling to the application of multivariate model-based quality control.
    * Role-based and guided enterprise-wide analytic computing and reporting, using Web-enabled server-based computations managed by a mature, robust, scalable, and open-architected server platform that can take advantage of the most powerful hardware, multi-core servers, and server farms, to perform mission critical analytic tasks (in validated manufacturing environments) that in many cases cannot be accomplished by any other analytic solution platform."

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